Recovery Community - Nashville Halfway House


Mission Statement:  We are a client centered, recovery community building healthy relationships in an alcohol and drug free environment.  We focus on honesty, accountability, spirituality, productivity and integrity.

Recovery Community, Inc. is a transitional living facility in Nashville, Tennessee that provides safe and affordable housing for people with alcohol and drug addictions. Our clients include people on probation, people who are discharging from Inpatient Treatment Centers and Drug Court Clients.  We also have clients who have been referred to us from friends and family members, who are looking to find a new way of life in an alcohol and drug free environment.

We are proud to be partners with Judge Casey Moreland’s Division X Treatment Court and Drug Courts throughout the state.  Also, We are service partners with the Second Harvest Food Bank, Madison/ Rivergate Chamber of Commerce, Mental Health Co-Op, Centerstone, and many other community organizations.

Our reovery program is located conveniently on the bus line, near grocery stores, churches, shopping and job opportunities.  We give our residents the tools they need to build a strong recovery foundation and make positive changes and choices in their lives.

Our Services Include:

1.State Licensed Outpatient Treatment.
2.Safe Affordable Housing.
3.Drug Court Housing.
4.Alternative Sentencing.
5.Co-Occuring Housing.
6.Referrals for all needs (jobs, bus passes, food, and outside therapy).
7.All houses on the bus line.
8.Clinical Supervision for staff (by Kathryn Benson, LADAC)
9.Basic needs case management.
10.Relapse Prevention/ Recovery Skills Group.


1. $215 due upon arrival ($75 Admission Fee+ $140 first week’s rent).
2. $140 weekly rent.  Monthly Clients pay $520 per month.
3. Must be able to perform self care.
4. Must be able and willing to work, or already receiving disability benefits.
5. No violent offenders, arsonists or sex offenders.
6. Willing to submit to random urine screens.
7. Willing to follow all house rules.
8. Willing to earn privileges during 30 day probation period.
9. Cannot be prescribed narcotics or any addictive medication.
10. All co-occuring clients must be stable on medication.




Recovery Community